.: The Crash

This is the result of being hit at low speeds going through a round about. Over all the damage didn't look too bad until you looked close up to the bike. The engine mounting bracket was broken off, the engine was shifted a couple of inches to the right and some protective equipment was damaged. I faired pretty well with all things considered. Hell, I didn't even have a head ache after the accident. The eye wittness said I did a summer salt in the air before I hit the pavement. Now that would have been cool to have gotten on tape. I only remember hearing the engine of the Impreza reving up and thinking awww fuck... just before impact and then trying to catch my breath after I landed while people were gathering around telling me not to move. At that point I sure didn't want to move, I just wanted to catch my breath before I got up and looked at the damage to the bike. As it turned out I didn't get up as I did listen to the people telling me not to move. As it turned out in the hospital I wouldn't have been able to get up afterall because my back was very tender and sore. I had fractured my T12 Vertebrae in my back, which was detected by one of them fancy xray machines. The only pain medication that seemed to work was "Panadol Forte" which is very similar to Tylonal 3's. The Endones that they game me didn't seem to work well at all, They only seemed to keep me awake so I only ended up taking one of them and the rest simply went to the trash.

With it being over a year now since the accident, I still take it easy on my back and force myself to keep the heavy lifting to a mimimum as the cold humid weather seems to make my back ache. It will probably be another year or so before I don't feel anything left over from the accident.

If the accident didn't happen I would still be driving her with no intentions of replacing her, but I am very happy with my new bike.

My only injury besides a fractured t12 vertebrae in my back

My Helmet

My Bag




My boots and Heel


Brand New Jackeet



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