.: my other bikes

Here are some pictures of my other bikes, not all pictures are of my actual bike, but here to show you what it should have looked like. I can't go back in time to take new photos.

First bike was the Yamaha 1975 DT100. I actually had it licensed to drive on the road and put several thousand miles on it. I did blow the engine in it and should have spent the $30 to bore the cylinder to bring it back into round. Instead I sanded the cylinder walls with emory cloth to take the gouges down from where the rings came apart. If I only had a clue about engines back then....

My second bike was the Yamaha 1983 Seca 550. The only photos I could find for that was a 1982 Seca 550. Its close enough except my bike was black. I had it for a few years until Geoff lost it around a corner and cracked the engine casing. It was totaled.

My third bike was the Yamaha 1985 RZ350. Now that bike was fun. I put over 30,000 miles on it and did a total rebuild on it. I eventually had to give the bike away as I could only ride it either full throttle or no throttle, no in between. It would top out over 120 mph as Geoff can attest to as he got caught doing just that. Again Geoff did total this bike too but it was a repairable wreck, unlike the last one. The actual picture of my bike below is just after Geoff caved in the trunck of a car bending the forks back and other damage. The real damage came when the bike got stolen. The guy that stole it wiped it out going around a corner and crashed into a guard rail. He pumptured his lung among other injuries and actually had the nerve to ask me to drop the theft charges against him. This was the last yamaha that I have owned as I graduated to riding Harley's. I calmed my driving habits down and greatly increased my life expectancy.









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